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Polypropylene Ring Binders

Polypropylene is probably the most durable and flexible material for making binders, folders and packaging.

It is available in various thicknesses from 350micron  to 1800 micron, although the most popular is 800 micron for medium weight ring binders or 1200 micron for the larger capacities.  A variety of colours and finishes are available but most popular is ‘clear frosted’ or white.

A cost effective method of having a litho printed cover is to trap a printed sheet under the mechanism so that it permanently secured under the ‘clear frosted’ polypropylene ring binder cover.  

Folders with straps and fastenings are straightforward and cost effective as it is cut from the sheet at the same time as the binder is cut. The strap can fasten with a tab-lock or press-stud.

Polypropylene is also suitable for folders using press fastening posts and interscrews. The great benefit is that you can get down to such a narrow spine. Ideal for short reports and menu covers.

We also offer polypropylene binders with pockets on front and spine, these are available in 15mm, 25mm and 40mm capacity mechanisms, either 2 or 4 D rings.

We have an extensive stock polypropylene range but can supply from all of the major manufacturers should a particular material be required.

We have stock tooling for standard size ring binders but cutter tools are reasonably priced should you require a specific size or style.

Like pvc, polypropylene containers can be personalised using the following methods:

Screen printing is a process where the ink is transferred through a fine mesh, this is ideal for printing solid colours or varnish.

Fine tints and tones are not successful with this method since we work to 65dpi.  Please send your design to us for advice regarding the suitable type of printing.

Foil Blocking is the method of transferring metallic foil using heat and pressure.  This process is normally for single colour: gold, silver, red, blue etc… Foil is usually reflective but matt foil is also available.

Litho and Digital printing is perfect for fine tints and tones, not as cost effective for low volume production.