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Ring Binder Mechanisms

Once the binder has been manufactured, the ring mechanism is riveted into place, you have the option of round rings which are applied to the spine or D rings which are applied to the back cover, D rings are more popular since the spine area is left clear for printing.  We use rivets with coloured tops to blend with the pvc or print colour.

2, 3 or 4 rings are available in most capacities. The benefit of using a 4 ring binder is that it spreads the weight and holds the content more squarely and securely, particularly when larges amounts of paper are being carried.  Please also take into consideration the end user’s punching facilities.

The mechanism capacity is important – please measure the depth of paper that the binder is to take, taking into consideration the different weights of paper being used and allowing for any expansion.  The ring binder spine is only large enough for the binder to shut and should not be confused with the capacity.

Ring Binder Mechanisms are available with paper capacities from approximately 10mm to 65mm in 5 mm increments.

3 ring mechanisms are 'American Style'. The US has their own paper sizes which does not comply with International 'A' sizes.

Binders with 6 ring mechanisms are usually the Organiser type, either A5 or the 'Filofax' size and usually have triggers for easy opening. As with 4 ring binders, clients need reminding about hole punching. Six ring mechanisms are not available for A4.